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Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Cookeville, TN

SEO is an important step before beginning an Adwords campaign. Not only does it improve search engine’s understanding of your site, but also helps keep your Adwords pay-per-click(PPC) costs down. SEO covers a wide range of disciplines, but the main area that we focus on is in-site optimization.

Contrary to popular belief, PPC ads are not simply listed in the order of who paid the most. Google tries to ensure that no matter how much you bid for placement, only the most relevant ads appear for that search term. One of the primary ways it accomplishes this is by ranking ads based on the relevance of the pages that they link to.  Therefore, if someone creates an Adwords ad that should show up for a search term like “purple bunnies”, but the page that the ad links to has no information about purple bunnies, the likelihood of that ad showing up is slim. Even if it does show up occasionally, it will only show up for more expensive bid limits.

Typically, in-site SEO will also improve your rankings in search engine results. This is not always true, but for less competitive search terms, low ranking is almost always the result of Google not understanding what your site is actually about. Remember that search engines like Google come to your website without any expectation, or understanding about your site. They don’t understand images, or see your design. All they see is the code that renders that page, and have to interpret from that code whether your site is teaching people how to dye bunnies purple, or selling purple bunnies, or advocating the banning of purple dyes on young rabbits. A very hard interpretation indeed! Thus, as mentioned earlier,  in-site optimization is all about giving  search engines clues and hints towards understanding your site.

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